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Examination & Promotions

Exmination & Promotions

Promotion at the end of the year will be based on a total continuous assessment in every subject, and on the work done during the year.

For students who are absent for any assessment, no provision can be made for supplementary tests.

Attendance for internal assessment for classes IX & X is compulsory. No exceptions can be made in this regard.

Failure to appear at any assessment can seriously affect a student’s promotion.

The breach of any of the regulations of conduct at examination or the use of unfair means. Even if discovered subsequently, will merit the cancellation of the particular paper and the student concerned will be awarded a zero. And if such misconduct is repeated. He/she will be expelled from the entire examination (all subjects).

For failed candidates there is no arrangement for the “re-examination” or “promotion on trial”.

The result of the Final Assessment are final and cannot be changed.

A boy/girl who fails to secure promotion may be asked to leave the school. In no case, however, will be allowed to repeat the same class for a second time. Also a student who fails twice must be withdrawn.

The reports must be collected by Parents on the stipulated day. A defaulter may be penalized through a fine/ and may not be allowed to attend the school until his report is collected.

In all questions of promotion or failure the Principal’s decision is final.


For promotion the whole year’s performance is considered. A student who fails in SUPW will be declared failed. A student must obtain 50% in each subject. The final tabulation of 300 marks consists of 50% in the aggregate in all subjects.