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Parent Suggesstion

Parent Suggesstion
  1. Good education is the responsibility of the parents and the school. Through a school can do a lot for the child it cannot do everything. The home is the place where he/she gets his/her first education and training which is continued in the school.The educationof your child can be achieved only with your full co-operation.
  2. Child should be encouraged and helped to cultivate habitual cleanliness in all his/her work and person.Dress him/her neatly and properly. Do not allow him/her to bring any costly articles to the school so as to make display of such items or to show that he/she is better off than the rest. Avoid extravangance of every kind during birth day celebration of your ward in the school/class. Help the child to understand that in the school he/she in one just like any other student. Confine birth day celebration in the school to distribution of toffees in tha class.
  3. It does sometimes happen that children complain to their parents concerning school matters. Parents are requested to notify such matters to the Principal and with hold their judgement until proper investigation is made. A little carefulness along this line often prevents unhealthy consequences.
  4. In case your child reveals habits or traits of behaviour which need special observation, please report tha same to the Principal so that proper care/attention can be given to your ward.
  5. Children ae attracted even by trifle things which they would like to acquire for themselves. If he/she brings home from the school, anything that does not belong to him/her, please send it back the next day itself and inform about it to the persons concerned. It will encourage honesty among the children and will have its own reward.
  6. While sending letters to the Principal/ Teachers and making enquiries, please mention the name of the child, his/her class and section and ad,ission number.
  7. Parents are requested to see the diary of their ward regularly and note the remarks, If any mad by the Teachers or the Principal.
  8. Parents and Guardians who wants to discuss the welfare and progress of their children must first meet the Principal. Any discussion with the class teacher should always be done in the presence of the Principal during their off periods.
  9. When the school is in session parents and guardians shall not visit the student or meet the teachers without the permission of the Principal as it causes disturbance to their normal and legitimate work.
  10. There will be Parents-Teachers meetings on every second Saturday unless otherwise informed. Parents are required to mak good use of this occasion for building up mutual understanding with the teachers with regard to the all round progress of their wards. It is not a fault finding session.It will be highly appreciated if legitimate complaints are brought to the attention of the Principal or the class teachers without any delay. The identity of the Parents and students will not be revealed.
  11. Parents shall not angage teachers of their own wards for private tuition. It is advisable that they avoid tuition altogether and make the child study on his/her own with the help of teachers in the school.
  12. Please also make sure that the correct address and telephone numbers are recorded on the diary of the wards. Parents and Guardians are specially requested to notify the school of any change in their addresses and telephone numbers.
  13. Absence of your child from class for social functions is to be discouraged because it retards the child’s progress in studies and minimizes his/her interest in regular hard work. It is essential that the school is kept informed when the child is detained at home.
  14. Children who are ill should not be sent to the school to attend classes or to take test, as the chances are that they will spoil both their health and studies. In case of illness application for leave must reach the school without delay.
  15. Restrict the pocket money given to children. Excessive spending should be discouraged. Insist that children eat home-cooked food as far as possible. Make sure that they bring their tiffin along when they come to school. Children should not bring crackers, colours, transistors, stickers, mobile phones and video games to the school nor should they wear fancy wrist watches, bangles and ornaments.
  16. Discourage your child from bringing gifts for his/her classmates or friends. Giving presents to the staff or other demonstration of gratitude or good will in their honours is not allowed.
  17. Criticism of the staff or the school authority is to be avoided in the presence of the child because it will undermine student’s respect for the staff and the school authority. Should you have a legitimate complaint please meet the Principal.
  18. Dear Parents and Guardians, the school management always needs your kind cooperation in its efforts to provide the best education to your ward to maintain excellence in the field of learning and discipline.